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+52 833-214-6691    Mon - Fri: 9am - 6pm (-6 GMT)

01 Our Services

Vessel Husbandry
We take care of your ship and crew in Mexican ports, and keep you informed of progress step by step with full reports and notifications on time.

We specialise in quick importations of ships spares and other cargoes, avoiding costly, mission-critical hold-ups of merchandise in Mexico. 

Visas and Permits
We help simplify the process of getting work visas for your crew as well as temporary importations and navigations permits for your projects.


02 About Us

JVV Pledge
Since forming the company in 2006, we have had a consistent experience in relation to our clients who have often approached JVV expressing trepidation about working in Mexico after having had "mixed" experiences in previous projects. We promise to turn around those negative perceptions, earn your trust and help you have smooth, successful projects in Mexico
Where we work
We have offices in the north of Mexico on the Gulf side: Tampico, Altamira, and Tuxpan. We work with partners around the gulf coast on offshore projects and on the Pacific side where we mainly attend bulk cargo vessels.
Our Team
There have been few changes in key personnel in the years we have been operating which brings consistency to our work. We have a happy and committed team, working together in a great atmosphere, who know the ropes and lover their jobs.

03 Testimonials

“Thanks for the excellent service. It has been great working with your company. Your service exceeds all expectations.”
Michiel Goedkoop, Operations Director Seaway Heavy Lifting
“Thanks you so much for all the support and professionalism with which you have collaborated on this project.”
Hector Malagon, Operations Manager, COMMSA
“We were a little anxious of how the Mexican project would go, because of service we had in the past. JVV is the total opposite. Excellent service!
Arthur Feenstra, Operations Manager, SHL Offshore.

04 Latest Projects

Mexico Mega Map - Sounding survey with 3 Fugro Ships

Perla Project - Cardon IV : Export of 3 Natural Gas Platforms

2 x HRSG Modules - Assembled in Tampico and exported to New York

Importation of turbine and compressors. Two trips from USA

Cable ship repair of Telmex cable - Lazaro Cardenas to Manzanillo

Project Motiva. Loadout of 3 tanks for export to the USA


05 Down to Business

Yes. They have the right to a navigation permit if their ship's specifications are not met by any available ship flagged/owned in Mexico. They can apply in their own name via a representative who would need a POA apostilled. For more information, please contact us.
Any citizen from any nationality holding a valid US Visa will be allowed to enter Mexico and work aboard a ship for a maximum period of 180 days per entry, via their FMM form (available on aircraft and in airport) - this covers crew and technical visitors.
Due to recent regulations a Filipino crew member arriving by air, or crew from other restricted nationality countries, will not be allowed to board a Mexico bound flight without a valid tourist/multiple entry visa. This must be applied for and processed in country of origin, or nearest current Mexican consulate.
Technically, crew members from these countries are considered restricted, but there is a waiver program for them. They must apply online for an electronic authorisation, which is fast and free (at the time of writing). With this, they will be allowed to board their Mexico bound flight. To receive their 180 day FMM permission they will need their valid seamens identification and a letter of invitation to work aboard a ship. The also must be employed outside of Mexico.
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